what was the name of the first personal computer

Best answer Altair 8800 People also ask Who invented the first computer? The Computer Museum in Boston asked that question in 1986, and held a contest to find the answer. Judges settled on John Blankenbaker鈥檚 Kenbak-1 as the first personal… Read more

what does io mean in computer terms

Best answer Input/output People also ask What is the meaning of I/O in computer? I/O: Stands for Input/Output and is pronounced simply eye-oh. Computers are based on the fundamental idea that every input results in an output. For example, if… Read more

how do i tell what ram is in my computer

Best answer How to check how much RAM you have on Windows 10Click 鈥淪tart鈥? Begin by clicking on the 鈥淪tart鈥?menu,located in the bottom left of your screen.Find 鈥淎bout Your PC鈥? Next,type 鈥淎bout Your PC鈥?and press enter when the correct r Read more

how do i set up 2 screens on my computer

People also ask How to set up two monitors in Windows 10? Make sure your cables are connected properly to the new monitors, then press Windows logo key P to select a display option. Select Start Settings System Display. Your… Read more

can t connect to other computers on network

People also ask How do I connect to another computer on a network? In order to access other computers on a network, your own Windows 10 system must also be visible on the network. Open File Explorer. Paste the following… Read more

how to make computer wifi

People also ask How do I connect my computer to a Wi-Fi network? If your computer has suitable wireless networking hardware installed, you can connect to a local wireless network. To connect a Windows desktop to Wi-Fi: Click the Notification… Read more

how to factory reset my computer

Best answer Reset Windows 10To use the reset feature removing everything on a computer that you use for working at home or gaming, use these steps:Open Settings.Click on Update Security.Click on Recovery.Under the Reset this PC section, click the Ge Read more

how do i link my phone to my computer

People also ask How do I link my Android phone to my PC? Android is a trademark of Google Inc. 1 Users must link their Galaxy device to their Windows PC through 鈥楲ink to Windows鈥?on phone and Your Phone App… Read more

how to rotate screen computer

People also ask How to rotate screen on Windows 10? Another way to rotate your screen is to use a keyboard shortcut or hotkeys. For Windows 10 devices, you should be able to use the following rotate screen shortcut to… Read more

how to share files between computers on windows 10

People also ask How to share files with others on Windows 10? You can also setup custom permissions and other options by using Advanced Settings as available in the File Sharing feature in Windows 10. In order to Share Files… Read more