why is my hp computer so slow

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  • Why is my laptop so slow?

  • Before tackling a solution, you need to address the issue at hand. These common causes of computer slowdown could be the reason behind your laptop鈥檚 poor performance. It鈥檚 only natural to download programs onto your laptop.

  • Is your HP laptop sluggish?

  • It is no surprise that HP laptops get sluggish after a particular time. Like any other laptop, there are also some tips and solutions for enhancing your laptop’s performance. In this guide, you will have all the possible fixes and tips for your slow Hp laptop.

  • Do HP laptops get slow with a period?

  • As we all know that HP laptops become slow with a period. If you use your laptop for the first time, it may seem brand new or just perfect without any freezes, lags, or hangs.

  • How do I Stop my laptop from running slow on startup?

  • Right-click on your taskbar, then click Task Manager. Switch to the Startup tab, and disable the items you don鈥檛 need at startup. Restart your laptop. Test if your laptop is still running slow. If this doesn鈥檛 help, move on to the next fix.

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