where is the power supply in a computer

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  • Where is the power supply on a computer case?

  • However, many more recent tower computer cases house the power supply at the bottom back of the case. In a desktop computer case (all-in-one), the power supply is located at the back left or back right. What does the inside of a computer look like?

  • What is a computer power supply?

  • A computer power supply is a compulsory unit to a computer. Without the power supply a computer is useless as it is just a case full of metal and plastic. This page will explain the different power cables and connectors and how they work inside your computer.

  • How do I know what size my power supply is?

  • It can be found by following the computer鈥檚 power cable. And you can often only see the backside of the power supply. At the back of the power supply, you may also see an opening fan that sends air out the computer. Power supply units are often rated by wattage to display the total amount of power that can be provided for the computer.

  • What is a PSU (power supply unit)?

  • Power Supply Unit ( PSU) is a piece of hardware that is used to converts the outlet power into usable power to ensure the normal running of parts within a computer. Specifically, it converts the mains AC to low-voltage controlled DC power for the use of internal computer parts.

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