where can i rent a computer near me

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  • Which is the best place to rent a laptop?

  • Laptop Rentals 1 Vast Collection of Laptop Rentals. At Event Technology, we offer huge inventory of top-quality Gaming laptops to choose for gaming, education and computer training. 2 Gaming Laptop Rentals. … 3 Rent Apple Laptops. … 4 Cost to Rent Laptops. … 5 All-in-One Computer Rental. … 6 FAQ- 2021 Laptop Rentals. …

  • Can you rent a computer from rent-a-center?

  • Shop the brand new, name brand desktop computers at Rent-A-Center, and you can choose the flexible payment option that fits best in your budget so you can take home your computer today. Need portable? Learn more about our laptops: Take your productivity with you wherever you go with one of our rent-to-own laptops.

  • What kind of computers do we offer for rent?

  • We offer latest models of PC and Mac computers for rent from top brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, NEC, IBM and many more. And these rental computers are available in a wide range of monitor screen sizes, operating systems and computer specifications.

  • How much does it cost to rent a PC or Mac?

  • Rental cost for computers, either PC or Mac, depends upon specifications, rental period and number of rental computers on a single order. Another factor that greatly impacts the cost is installation of custom software and inclusion of networking services. Prices range from $65 per day to rent HP Desktop and $295 for Apple iMac rental.

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