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These are the top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world ranked by their Rmax score:Supercomputer Fugaku: 442,010.00 teraflops per secondSummit: 148,600.00 teraflops per secondSierra: 94,640.00 teraflops per secondSunway TaihuLight: 93,014.59 teraflops per secondSelene: 63,460.00 teraflops per secondTianhe-2A: 61,444.50 teraflops per secondJUWELS Booster Module: 44,120.00 teraflops per secondHPC5: 35,450.00 teraflops per secondMore items…

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  • Which country has the fastest computer in the world?

  • China dominates list of the world鈥檚 fastest supercomputers, taking both first and second place. The US had the fastest computer in the world in 2012, but it has since fallen to fifth place. High capacities and processing speeds facilitate breakthroughs in everything from climate science to healthcare.

  • What is the fastest supercomputer?

  • Summit is the fastest supercomputer in the world that can deliver 200 petaFLOPS at peak. This is equivalent to 200 quadrillion floating-point operations per second.

  • What is the fastest computer in the world 2021?

  • 12 Fastest Supercomputers In The World | In 2021. 1 1. Summit. Image credit: ORNL Speed: 148.6 petaFLOPS Cores: 2,414,592 Vendor: IBM Location: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States. 2 2. Sierra. 3 3. Sunway TaihuLight. 4 4. Tianhe-2A. 5 5. Frontera. More items

  • What is the most powerful computer in the world?

  • Tianhe-2, whose name translates as 鈥淢ilkyWay-2,鈥?originally debuted as the world’s #1 in June 2013. But despite upgrades over the years to4,981,760 cores running at 61.4 petaFLOPS, it’s now just barely hanging on to a spot in the top five.

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