what is service computation date

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A ServiceComputation Date (SCD) is a date,either actual or constructed,that is used to determine benefits and is generally based on how long the person has been in

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  • What is the retirement service computation date?

  • Retirement SCD The federal retirement service computation date includes the service that is creditable in determining if a federal employees is eligible for retirement. It is often the date of his/her first federal appointment that was covered under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS or CSRS-Offset) or FERS..

  • What is the first service computation date?

  • The first service computation date (SCD) is the SCD CIV. This date is essentially the day you start working for the Federal Government. If you are a FERS covered employee, this date is used to calculate your life insurance payout formula. This benefit is free and is not part of the FEGLI program.

  • What is service computation date (SCD)?

  • January 26, 2011 The Service Computation Date, also known as the SCD, determines when a federal employee becomes eligible for a specific benefit.

  • What is a TSP service computation date?

  • The TSP service computation date represents the date that a TSP participant begins to fulfill the three-year vesting period. Unlike the retirement SCD and leave SCD, the TSP SCD does not include prior military service. Although rare, federal agencies occasionally lay off employees through a reduction in force (RIF).

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