what is service computation date

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A ServiceComputation Date (SCD) is a date,either actual or constructed,that is used to determine benefits and is generally based on how long the person has been in

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  • What are service computation dates and why are they important?

  • There are potentially five different Service Computation Dates that you should be familiar with. They are used to determine your leave accrual rate, career tenure, in grade pay increases, retirement eligibility, retirement annuity, retention position during a reduction in force, and TSP vesting.

  • What is the retirement service computation date?

  • Retirement SCD The federal retirement service computation date includes the service that is creditable in determining if a federal employees is eligible for retirement. It is often the date of his/her first federal appointment that was covered under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS or CSRS-Offset) or FERS..

  • What is the first service computation date (SCD)?

  • The first service computation date (SCD) is the SCD CIV. This date is essentially the day you start working for the Federal Government. If you are a FERS covered employee, this date is used to calculate your life insurance payout formula.

  • What is a TSP service computation date?

  • The TSP service computation date represents the date that a TSP participant begins to fulfill the three-year vesting period. Unlike the retirement SCD and leave SCD, the TSP SCD does not include prior military service. Although rare, federal agencies occasionally lay off employees through a reduction in force (RIF).

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