what is iteration in computer science

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  • What is iteration in programming?

  • Iteration is the repetition of a set of operations in mathematics or computer science. In a computer program, one form of iteration is a loop, which repeats code until a certain condition is met.

  • What is an iterative process in software development?

  • In the world of IT and computer programming, the adjective iterative refers to a process where the design of a product or application is improved by repeated review and testing. In programming specifically, iterative refers to a sequence of instructions or code being repeated until a specific end result is achieved.

  • What are the types of iteration in C++?

  • Types of Iteration. There are two types of iteration: Count-controlled loops 鈥?used for iterating steps a specific number of times. It is used when the number of iterations to take place is already known. It uses a counter to keep track of how many times the set of commands has been repeated.

  • Is iteration scaring you?

  • We hope this article helped you clear, relevant queries you had regarding iteration. If the concept of iterations is new to you, don鈥檛 let them scare you. As you get deeper into programming, these things become second nature.

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