what is d wave quantum computer

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What are D-Wavequantumcomputers? They are machines that solve a specific class of problem by exploiting the counter-intuitive behavior of matter at the atomic level. Why do D-Wavequantumcomputersmatter?

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  • What is a D-Wave quantum computer?

  • D-Wave’s quantum computers use very different technology to that found in everyday computers. The latest D-Wave machine is 10-feet tall, costs $15m and tackles problems using quantum transistors, tiny loops of niobium cooled to close to absolute zero (-459.6F) by liquid helium.

  • How do quantum computers work?

  • This superposition of states鈥攁long with the other quantum mechanical phenomena of entanglement and tunneling鈥攅nables quantum computers to manipulate enormous combinations of states at once. D-Wave systems use a process called quantum annealing to search for solutions to a problem.

  • Does the D-Wave have quantum effects?

  • There is some evidence that there are indeed some quantum effects used by the D-Wave. Notably a study by Katzgraber et al. that compares the D-Wave with simulated annealing and the effects of reducing barrier thickness in the energy landscape (to make tunneling more probable).

  • What is the name of the 72 quantum computer?

  • Google’s Quantum AI Lab has developed a 72-qubit quantum processor called ‘Bristlecone’, while IBM has pledged it will build a 50-qubit quantum computer within the next few years. What are D-Wave quantum computers?

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