what is cmos battery in computer

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鈥淐omplementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

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  • What is the CMOS battery in a motherboard?

  • CMOS Battery. Well this battery in the motherboard, is what powers the CMOS RAM when the computer is turned off. So that it doesn鈥檛 lose all your BIOS information. If you didn鈥檛 have this battery, then each time you turn on your computer, the BIOS settings would reset and you would need to setup your BIOS again.

  • What is the function of CMOS in a computer?

  • The Second major function of CMOS in computer is to power the BIOS firmware either in laptop or computer. The circuit of chip updates the time on-increment basis with the power of its battery. So, in the CMOS backup battery function, the parameter will be the same at the time of the booting up of the computer.

  • How to replace a CMOS battery in a laptop?

  • Re-insert the laptop’s battery and put the laptop’s casing back on. Tighten all the bolts on the casing, and power on your laptop to ensure it is working correctly. The CMOS is not difficult to understand and, as is evident from the sections above, replacing the CMOS battery is also a breeze.

  • What is a CMOS coin-cell battery?

  • In layman terms, it can be referred to as a special kind of battery that is present inside the computer. The information that is stored can vary from simple time and date of the system to the hardware settings for the system. The most commonly used CMOS coin-cell battery that is used to get the CMOS memory powered up is Panasonic CR 2032 3V.

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