what is a trojan on my computer

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Trojan viruses are a type ofmalware that invade your computer disguised as a real, operational programs. Once a trojan is inside your system, it can perform destructive actions before you even know it鈥檚 there.

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  • What is a Trojan?

  • A Trojan is sometimes called a Trojan virus or a Trojan horse virus, but that鈥檚 a misnomer. Viruses can execute and replicate themselves. A Trojan cannot.

  • How to find a Trojan virus on your computer?

  • A trojan virus may reinstall itself if the program is still installed on the computer. So, here鈥檚 how to find trojans on your computer in Programs and Features: Click on 鈥淪tart.鈥?Go to Control Panel. Click on 鈥淧rograms and Features.鈥?Look for the same application.

  • What is a Trojan Horse in computer?

  • A Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a type of malicious code or software that looks legitimate but can take control of your computer. A Trojan is designed to damage, disrupt, steal, or in general inflict some other harmful action on your data or network.

  • What does a Trojan virus look like?

  • In a similar vein, a Trojan virus looks like legitimate software. The soldiers in the Trojan horse controlled the city鈥檚 defense system. With a Trojan virus, the malware takes control of your computer, potentially leaving it vulnerable to other 鈥渋nvaders.鈥?/div>What Is a Trojan Horse? Trojan Virus and Malware Explained

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