what is a computer compiler

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System software

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  • What is a compiler in system software?

  • A compiler is system software (a set of a computer program) that converts source code written in a programming language (source language, usually HLL) into another computer language (target language). It processes every statement written in a particular programming language and turns them to machine language.

  • How do compilers work in C?

  • Compilers are very large programs, with error-checking and other abilities. Some compilers translate high-level language into an intermediate assembly language, which is then translated (assembled) into machine code by an assembly program or assembler. Other compilers generate machine language directly.

  • Can a compiler translate a program?

  • A compiler can translate only those source programs which have been written in the language for which the computer is meant. Each high level programming language requires a separate compiler for the conversion. For Example, a FORTRAN compiler is capable of translating into a FORTRAN program.

  • What is the difference between a compiler and a decompiler?

  • When an organization switches their org-wide standard from one language to another, they can use a source-to-source compiler to ensure legacy programs continue to work with newly created ones. A decompiler does the opposite of a compiler 鈥?it translates machine code back into a readable source code like Python or Java.

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