what does deploying a computer mean

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  • What is the meaning of deploy deployment?

  • Deployment, in the context of network administration, refers to the process of setting up a new computer or system to the point where it ready for productive work in a live environment. Techopedia explains Deployment. Deploy can refer to any type of installation.

  • What does it mean to deploy a website?

  • What does it mean to deploy a website? Deploying a website means that you are deploying changes you have made to your website, typically code, from source control to an environment (typically development, staging, or live).

  • What does 鈥渄eploying to live鈥?mean?

  • So there’s a good chance that you’ll hear someone saying they’re deploying to live, meaning they are deploying changes that will be visible on the live website. When you are using Umbraco Cloud you get the advantage of Umbraco Deploy, which is a deployment model that relies on Git and Kudu to move your changes from one environment to another.

  • How do I deploy software to a network?

  • Deploying software on a home PC is often as simple as downloading, installing, and activating the program. Deployment on corporate machines or across multiple systems on a network can be more complex. For example, a network administrator may need to configure a program identically on dozens of computers.

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