what courses are required for computer science

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Computer science majors must studycalculusto earn their degrees, and other relevant math courses include statistics and linear algebra. Introductory computer science classes cover topics like algorithm design, computer organization and abstract data types.

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  • What subjects do you need to study Computer Science at University?

  • You鈥檒l gain a comprehensive understanding of computer coding languages, software development and computer operating systems. Computer Science degree entry requirements The UCAS points required to study a Computer Science degree range from 64 (CC at A-Level; MPP-MM at BTEC level) to 160 points (A*A*A at A-Level; D*D*D at BTEC level).

  • How many classes do you take in a computer science program?

  • The core material of the computer science program has been streamlined into six classes that every CS student takes. Students then pick an area that they would like to study in more depth, which becomes their track specialization. The track typically consists of 4-5 classes. Finally, students round out their CS curriculum with 2-4 elective courses.

  • What kind of math do you need for Computer Science?

  • Mathematics in Computer Science. The undergradute curriculum requires two CS math classes: Mathematical Foundations of Computing (CS103) and Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists (CS109). Math Electives. Two additional math electives are required for the CS major.

  • What can you do with a degree in Computer Science?

  • Students will gain experience with the theory and practice of computer science as they explore algorithms, programming languages and operating systems, for example. In classes, majors may apply their learning to topics like computational finance, robotics and network security. Undergraduates may also be able to access research opportunities.

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