is java harmful to my computer

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Yes and No. By default java programs can do the same things any native program on your system can do. This includes deleting and replacing any file it can access, depending on your operating system and your user privileges this may affect system critical files.

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  • Is Java safe to use?

  • So you will run into Java often. Is Java Safe? Java is touted as a secure computing environment, one that makes it difficult for bad guys to snoop, cripple, or take over your computer. The Java runtime forces all Java programs to run in what’s called a sandbox, a portion of computer memory to which they are strictly confined.

  • Is Java a security risk to your Mac or PC?

  • Answer: Once again, Oracle’s Java software is in the news as a hazard to your Mac or PC. Six days after the discovery of a severe vulnerability led Oracle to rush out a patch, on Wednesday security writer Brian Krebs reported a different such zero-day exploit that could be used to attack this widely-deployed program.

  • Why is Java the most dangerous programming language?

  • Lots of current bad malware is Java-based – because Java is so powerful and functional. As soon as a Java vulnerability is found, all the current malware ‘kits’ are updated and yet another way to exploit your computer is published. Driving an un-patched PC on the Internet is like driving without a seatbelt.

  • What if I don’t have Java installed on my computer?

  • If you encounter a website with an embedded Java app, and you don’t have Java installed (or enabled), you’ll just see an empty space where the program (applet) should be displaying. Many sites will provide a helpful link to where you can download the Java runtime environment.

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