is a computer science degree necessary

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Not a necessity

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  • Do you need a computer science degree to work in Tech?

  • However, many tech pros don鈥檛 have 鈥渁ppropriate鈥?degrees. Some of the tech industry鈥檚 leading figures 鈥攊ncluding Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg鈥攄ropped out of college well before obtaining a degree. In other words, lack of a formal computer-science degree shouldn鈥檛 hold you back from finding a solid job in technology.

  • Why do you choose computer science as a major?

  • Reasons to earn a computer science degree: Computer science graduates earn higher salaries. Computer science majors have more job prospects (limitless future opportunities). Computer science grads join a fast growing industry (strengthening your primary career choice). Computer science degree holders work in a wide range of industries.

  • Is a computer science degree worth it?

  • Is a Computer Science degree worth it? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics鈥?guide to computer and information technology occupations, the answer is yes. Almost all of the outlined fields鈥攆rom programming to developing and information security鈥攈ave an entry-level threshold of a Bachelor鈥檚 degree.

  • What is the difference between computer science and electrical engineering?

  • The principal areas of study in this area include database systems, AI, vision graphics, and digital security. Unlike electrical engineers, graduates who earn a degree in computer science mainly deal with software systems. This degree is an applied mathematics degree.

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