how to view vivint camera on computer

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Press the video icon from the bottom of the screen. Select the camera you wish to see from the pop out menu. To view live Video, select the Live tab and press play on the camera you would like to view.

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  • Can you use a Vivint camera without service?

  • Vivint cameras offer peace of mind and advanced home security, that is unless you use one without service. You can only use your Vivint camera at a limited capacity if you don鈥檛 have service, and you can only monitor from home.

  • What is the Vivint app?

  • With the Vivint app, you can control your home from anywhere. What is the Vivint app? Much of the technology used in smart homes today is app-based, allowing you to control your smart home devices from your smartphone.

  • How to download and install Vivint smart home on PC?

  • Download and install one of the emulators, if you’re System satisfies the minimum System requirements. And finally, it’s about time to install the emulator which will take couple of minutes only. Mouse click on Download Vivint Smart Home APK icon to start downloading the apk file on your PC.

  • How do Vivint security and automation devices work together?

  • All of our security and automation devices work together in a fully-integrated system that you manage from the Vivint app. Enjoy alarm control, smart locks, lights, cameras, and thermostats that all connect on one simple platform. Automatically lock your doors at a specific time every night, or set them to unlock when a fire alarm is triggered.

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