how to turn off pop up blocker on computer

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  • How to turn off the pop-up blocker in different browsers?

  • There, turn off the 鈥淏lock Pop-Up Windows鈥?option. To turn off Firefox鈥檚 pop-up blocker on iPhone or iPad, open Firefox, navigate to three horizontal lines menu, tap Settings, and turn off the 鈥淏lock Pop-Up Windows鈥?option. Turning off the pop-up blocker in Microsoft Edge is as easy as many other web browsers.

  • What is a pop-up blocker and how does it work?

  • Most browsers enable their built-in pop-up blockers by default. The pop-up blockers of browsers keep you from annoying pop-ups or dangerous content from web pages. But they also block pop-ups that you may want to view.

  • How to block pop-ups in Microsoft Edge Windows 10?

  • Block Pop-Ups in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is the default internet browser in Windows 10. If you are noticing pop-up ads when MS Edge is running, you can quickly disable them. Open Microsoft Edge. Click the Settings and More ellipsis at the right end of the toolbar. Alternatively, press the keyboard shortcut Alt+X.

  • How do I Turn Off pop-up ads on my website?

  • In the menu that opens, click 鈥淪ettings.鈥?On the 鈥淪ettings鈥?page, in the left sidebar, click 鈥淐ookies and Site Permissions.鈥?In the pane on the right, under the 鈥淎ll Permissions鈥?section, click 鈥淧op-Ups and Redirects.鈥?On the 鈥淧op-Ups and Redirects鈥?page, toggle off the 鈥淏lock鈥?option at the top. And that鈥檚 it.

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