how to transfer files from computer to ipad without itunes

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  • How to transfer files from PC to iPad easily?

  • Step 1. Connect your iPad to your PC with a USB cable. Confirm Trust on your device when a pop-up prompts and asks you to trust this computer. Open EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to PC to Phone. You need to click Select Files to start.

  • Is it possible to transfer files to PC without iTunes?

  • So, it is basically Apple’s own fault that customers are leaning towards alternative options. Finally, when it comes to transferring files to PC without iTunes, there are a lot of suitable alternatives. Firstly, there is iCloud, it is very common as well as effective.

  • How to back up iPad to iTunes on PC?

  • This means you can use the backup function of iTunes to back up iPad files to iTunes on your computer. To realize this, you need to go to 鈥渋Pad icon Settings Summary Back Up Now鈥?or click on 鈥渋Pad icon Settings Summary This computer鈥?and eventually click the button of 鈥淒one鈥?to realize iPad to PC file transfer directly.

  • How to share Windows files with iPad without iTunes?

  • Start the process to share Windows files with iPad, no iTunes needed. Google Drive is similar to cloud services like iCloud Drive and Dropbox, allowing users to sync data between a computer and an iOS device.

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