how to transfer autocorrect entries to another computer

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With Word’s macros enabled,double-click the file inside the download. Choose Backup, and when the Save As dialog box opens, select the removable medium or network address you’ll use to transfer the settings to the other system. Run the macro to back up your settings and restore them on another PC.

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  • How to export autocorrect entries from Excel to another computer?

  • Click Kutools Plus Import / Export Auto Correct to export the AutoCorrect entries. See screenshot: 2. Select the entries you want to export then click Export to export the files to a folder of an intermediate location that the destination computer can access.See screenshot: 3.

  • How do I transfer formatted autocorrect to a new computer?

  • Formatted AutoCorrect entries are stored in Normal.dotm, which is in your user templates folder. (See, Working with Normal.dotm .) Once you know that, you can simply copy the .ACL file and Normal.dotm to the appropriate folders on your new computer.

  • Where are my autocorrect entries stored?

  • Word stores your AutoCorrect entries in two locations: The unformatted AutoCorrect entries are stored in a text file with an .ACL extension in the Application Data\Microsoft\Office folder in your user profile.

  • How do I make a backup of my autocorrect entries?

  • Double-click to open a new document based on it, click the AutoCorrect Backup button, and follow the instructions for creating a backup copy of your AutoCorrect entries.

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