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  • How to track Windows user activity to secure your computer?

  • Here are the top ways to track Windows user activity to secure and protect your computer. Using the Windows Event Viewer, you can see a detailed log of significant events on your computer. You can view automatic updates, errors, warnings, and more. Here is how to track the user activity via Event Viewer.

  • What are the best ways to track computer activity?

  • 4. Storage devices and networks Windows is particularly good at tracking hardware use. And this can have its advantages. If you run a business, say, and someone plugs in a USB flash drive to a company PC, then copies some confidential files across, they might think their crime has left no trace: but that would be a mistake.

  • How to track user activity via Event Viewer?

  • Here is how to track the user activity via Event Viewer. Click on the Search button type Event Viewer. Open the Event Viewer app and click on the option Windows Logs coming on the left side of the dashboard. After expanding the Windows Logs tab, tap on System. From the right-side menu 鈥淎ctions,鈥?click on Filter Current Log.

  • What is the best computer activity tracker for Windows?

  • Spytech has a good selection of computer tracking software available, but their SpyAgent PC activity tracker is particularly impressive. It can track computer activities such as keypresses, clicks, software used, browsing history, and more. When you first start the software, you need to give it a password.

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