how to set up your computer to your tv

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  • How do I connect a PC to a TV?

  • PCs with Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) can stream to a TV and can even receive television via a TV tuner card. This article explains how to connect a computer to a TV wirelessly or with a cable. HDMI is a type of cable that transfers HD video and audio directly from the computer to the TV. Both your TV and computer must have an HDMI port.

  • How do I get my TV to recognize my computer screen?

  • Use the remote for your TV and press the button that says Source, Input, or something similar. Then select the input that you connected your computer to. Often, your computer is able to detect the new display automatically. If it does not detect the new display, use the steps in Method 2 to detect a display on Windows.

  • How do I use my TV as a monitor with Windows?

  • Which one you use will depend upon your TV and your computer; most use HDMI. Adjust resolution by going to Advanced display info Display adapter properties for Display X List all Select your TV’s resolution OK. This article covers how to use your TV as a monitor with a Windows computer. It also outlines the pros and cons of doing so.

  • How do I cast from my PC to my Smart TV?

  • 1. Turn on your Smart TV. 2. Connect your PC to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV. 3. Open Google Chrome. 4. Click the three-dot menu and select Cast. 5. Choose what you want to cast. 6. Click your TV.

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