how to set up a dell desktop computer

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Physical SetupPlug your computer into AC power using the enclosed power cables.Connect your monitor *Connect your mouse and keyboard*Connect your speakers*Turn your computer on.See More….

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  • How do I set up my new Dell Computer?

  • Now that you have your new Dell in hand, this guide will take you step by step through setting it up for use for the first time. There are several stages to setting up your computer: Plug your computer into AC power using the enclosed power cables. Turn your computer on. * – Optional for laptops.

  • How to set up a desktop PC?

  • First, purchase a Desktop PC from companies such as Dell and PC World. Make sure that the PC does what you want it to do. Next, open the box to find the components purchased with the desktop (monitor, mouse, keyboard). After that, place the desktop where you think it should go (near or on a desk is good). Now, connect the cables.

  • How do I connect a graphics card to a Dell Computer?

  • If your Dell desktop has a dedicated graphics card (GPU), you must use the video connector that is available on the graphics card (GPU). Dell all-in-one: The video connectors are on the back of the computer. NOTE: Video-out connector to connect a secondary display is not available on all Dell all-in-one computers.

  • Can I connect a monitor or projector to a Dell desktop?

  • This article provides information about how to connect a monitor or projector to a Dell desktop, all-in-one, or laptop. Learn about the different types of video connectors, configure video settings and helpful links to troubleshooting guides.

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