how to reset hp laptop computer

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Reset HP Laptop Using SettingsPress Windows +I to open the Settings app.Scroll down to the bottom to select Update Security.Choose Recovery option in the left sidebar.Look for the Reset this PC section under Recovery in the right pane.Click on the Get started button under Reset this PC.Windows will be restarted to the Choose an option window.See More….

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  • How to reset HP laptop to factory settings?

  • How to reset HP laptop in Windows Recovery Environment: Remove all external devices including USB drives and printers from the HP laptop. Turn on your computer and press the F11 key immediately and repeatedly. Release the key until you see the Choose an option window.

  • What does HP laptop reboot mean?

  • This HP laptop reboot is not mean to simply restart the computer, it refers to reset it to factory settings. HP laptop rebooting process is different in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. We will tell you specific solution to reset your HP computer. You may know that, factory resetting HP laptop will remove all existing data.

  • What happens if I Power Reset my HP laptop?

  • This document applies to HP laptop computers. A power reset (or hard restart) clears all information from the computer’s memory without erasing any personal data. Performing a power reset might fix conditions such as Windows not responding, a blank display, software freezing, keyboard stops responding, or other external devices locking up.

  • How do I Reset my Windows 10 laptop?

  • Click on the Start menu and choose the 鈥淪ettings鈥?option. This looks like a cog wheel, and it is where you will access all of the major settings on your laptop. 2. In the search bar, type 鈥渞eset.鈥?3. From there, choose the 鈥淩eset this PC鈥?option once the results have popped up.

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