how to hide the back of a computer monitor

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  • How to hide your computer screen at work?

  • 3 Tips For Hiding Your Computer Screen at Work 1 Direct to Desktop 2 The Old Switcheroo 3 The Boss Button

  • How do you hide the monitor when not watching TV?

  • You can also see her other decor trick, which is to use a fireplace screen to hide the monitor when not watching. The screen is backed with plexi mirrors, which hide but still reflect lots of light.

  • What do you put on the back of your monitor?

  • The majority of monitors have nothing on the back of them, save for a few ports for cables and a power cord. This means it’s a great place to store all the small stuff you have. Here’s a couple different ideas. Have an external hard drive cluttering up your desk? This tiny shelf is a dead simple woodcut that fits snuggly on the back of an iMac.

  • How do I hide my screen on Windows 10 without mouse?

  • METHOD 1. CTRL + ALT + DEL + ENTER will instantly hide your desktop screen. The first method that I鈥檇 like to introduce to you is a very common one which involves the simultaneous holding or pressing of the following buttons on your keyboard 鈥?CTRL + ALT + DEL and ENTER.

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