how to hide the back of a computer monitor

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  • How to hide your computer screen at work?

  • 3 Tips For Hiding Your Computer Screen at Work 1 Direct to Desktop 2 The Old Switcheroo 3 The Boss Button

  • What do you put on the back of your monitor?

  • The majority of monitors have nothing on the back of them, save for a few ports for cables and a power cord. This means it’s a great place to store all the small stuff you have. Here’s a couple different ideas. Have an external hard drive cluttering up your desk? This tiny shelf is a dead simple woodcut that fits snuggly on the back of an iMac.

  • How do I keep my screen to myself?

  • Here are three simple ways to keep your screen to yourself. The easiest way to get any suspicious windows off your screen (and fast!) is to go straight to the desktop. On Windows PCs, the shortcut is Windows Key + D. On a Mac running OS X, just press the F11 key.

  • How to hide computer cords when your desk is in center?

  • It is especially helpful if you are using a rug underneath your desk; you don鈥檛 get caught on the side of the rug. Just make sure you choose one with teeth, not a slick bottom ( HERE ). Here are the considerations and steps you can take, in order, to hide computer cords when your desk is in the center of the room. 1.

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