how to hide computer wires on desk

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Stick a cable catch at the back of your deskto hide wires behind it. Sometimes,you just need a basic cable management solution. If you’ve got wires hanging from your PC down behind your desk,stick cable catches on the back of the furniture. Then,push the wires into the catch so they run down the length of the desk instead of dangling.

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  • Where to hide the cables on a desk?

  • It is best to hide the cables below the desk, the backside of the desk and on the ground with a covering. These places will hide the cables completely out of plain sight but still accessible when you want to remove any one of them individually.

  • How do you attach wires to a desk?

  • Steps 1 Choose the right size paper clip for the number of wires you have. 2 Put a screw with a small washer in the middle of one of the handles of the clip, attaching it to the bottom side of the desk, wall, shelf … 3 Push on the other chrome handle and the clip will open. … 4 Group the cables together. … More items…

  • How to clean a computer desk with cables?

  • First remove any knots or hassles in the cable and individually straighten each of them. Then stick the cable catches behind your desk. After sticking, you will have a hole to insert the cables. Slide the cables one by one into the cable catch and you will now have a clean computer desk.

  • Is it an eyesore to hide wires under your desk?

  • It really is an eyesore and such a pain to actually hide it. So in today鈥檚 blog post I will turn it over to the hubby (thank you hubby!!) to talk about how to organize and disguise all these annoying wires! He did such a good job hiding the wires under our desk.

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