how to factory reset a windows 10 computer

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  • How do I factory reset a Windows computer?

  • This is also included in Windows 10 and is the best way to factory reset a Windows computer in most cases. To access this Windows reinstall option, head to Settings Update Security Recovery. You’ll see a Reset this PC header; click the Get started button underneath this to begin. Keep Your Files or Remove Everything?

  • How to factory reset Windows 10 to default settings?

  • When you鈥檙e ready to factory reset your Windows 10 PC, open the Windows Settings menu by clicking on the Start button and then selecting the Gear icon. The Settings window will now appear. Here, select the 鈥淯pdate Security鈥?option found at the bottom of the window.

  • How to factory reset Windows 10 without password?

  • #1 How to Factory Reset Windows 10 without Password Normally. Go to the Settings by pressing the gear icon on your Start menu. The Settings window should appear now. Select Update Security. Go to the Recovery tab from the left panel. Under the Reset this PC, click on Get started.

  • What happens after Windows 10 factory reset?

  • After factory reset steps After the reset completes, you’ll still need to check for updates to make sure that Windows 10 isn’t missing any security, patches, or drivers, and you’ll need to reinstall some apps.

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