how to draw a computer mouse

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  • How to draw a good mouse?

  • Using a darker pencil, you can begin to fine line the shape of your mouse. Begin with the front end of your mouse, drawing around the nose circle, and joining it to the main body oval with a slight dip on top of the nose. Take the solid line down from the nose too, taking it into the body oval to create a mouth line.

  • How do you draw on a computer with a pencil?

  • Click File and then New to open a blank page within the program. Click the pencil or brush icon to choose how the line should look. The pencil creates thin, hard lines, while the brushes add thickness and various curving effects to the drawing.

  • How do you make a mouse with eyes?

  • Add mouse eyes. Just draw two circles like in my sample. Draw the mustache of the mouse. They are just three short, flowing lines that are located at the front of the head. Color the mouse. Use any color you like.

  • How to draw on a blank page with a mouse?

  • After selecting the line or shape, click the left button of the mouse on an area of the blank page. Without letting go of the button, move the mouse on the direction you want. Let go of the button when you finish drawing the line. Repeat the same process if you want to go with the shapes.

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