how to download data from freestyle libre to computer

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  • What is the freestyle LibreLink app?

  • With many of the same features as your FreeStyle Libre reader, the FreeStyle LibreLink app 鈥?is designed for use with FreeStyle Libre sensors, allowing you to monitor your glucose on your phone without lancets.** View your current reading, trend arrow and history.

  • How many MB is the FreeStyle Libre user’s manual?

  • FreeStyle Libre User’s Manual Download (PDF 4.7MB) FreeStyle Libre Quick Start Guide Download (PDF 1.7MB) FreeStyle Libre Sensor Application Guide Download (PDF 1.1MB)

  • How do I upload to my FreeStyle Libre 14 day reader?

  • 1. Plug your FreeStyle Libre 14 day reader into your computer using the yellow cable provided with your system. This is the same cable that you use to charge your reader 2. Click the Press to Begin Upload button 3. After clicking the Press to Begin Upload button]

  • How do I share FreeStyle Libre 2 with my loved ones?

  • Every FreeStyle Libre 2 app* and FreeStyle LibreLink app 鈥?scan is automatically 鈥♀€?sent to your loved one鈥檚 smartphone when sharing is enabled. With the FreeStyle Libre 2 app,* share alarms** with LibreLinkUp app 鈥?connections. Help your loved ones manage their diabetes.

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