how to do things on a computer

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  • How to use a computer?

  • How to use a computer 1 Different types of computers. … 2 Understanding the computer. … 3 Setup computer. … 4 Keyboard and mouse basics. … 5 Understanding the operating system. … 6 Create user account. … 7 Creating, saving, and opening files. … 8 Back up files. … 9 Changing settings. … 10 Connecting peripherals. … More items…

  • What are some productive things to do on computer?

  • Productive Things to do on the Computer: 26 Instant Ways. 1. Decluttering laptop: Every laptop would have dozens of files and folders scattered everywhere. Arranging all the files and organizing them in the right manner can be beneficial.

  • What are the most common tasks of a computer?

  • While using a computer, one of the most common tasks you perform is creating, opening, viewing, and saving files. Below are links to pages that relate to these tasks and steps you can do to perform them. Overview of a file. How to list files in a directory or folder on the computer. How to open, view, and edit the contents of a file on a computer.

  • What are the basic computer commands?

  • Part 2 of 5: Learning Basic Computer Commands 1 Select files and text. You can use your mouse or keyboard shortcuts to select files on your computer and text on documents and website. 2 Copy and paste. Copying and pasting is one of the most common actions taken when selecting text or files. 3 Save and open files. … 4 Find and sort your files. …

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