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  • How to use a computer?

  • How to use a computer 1 Different types of computers. … 2 Understanding the computer. … 3 Setup computer. … 4 Keyboard and mouse basics. … 5 Understanding the operating system. … 6 Create user account. … 7 Creating, saving, and opening files. … 8 Back up files. … 9 Changing settings. … 10 Connecting peripherals. … More items…

  • What are the most common tasks of a computer?

  • While using a computer, one of the most common tasks you perform is creating, opening, viewing, and saving files. Below are links to pages that relate to these tasks and steps you can do to perform them. Overview of a file. How to list files in a directory or folder on the computer. How to open, view, and edit the contents of a file on a computer.

  • What can I do on my computer to make it productive?

  • Something productive you can do on your computer is to go through and organize all of your files. Split them up into folders and delete files you no longer need. Collect all your photos in one place and divide them into categories. Clear your desktop of unwanted clutter by making use of your computer鈥檚 organizational filing system.

  • What to do on the computer when you are bored?

  • One of the most productive things to do on the computer when you are bored is to learn something new. A new language is always on your New Year鈥檚 resolution list, but somehow you never get to do it. Start now. 35. Organize your reading list If you don鈥檛 have a reading list 鈥?create one. And then organize it. 36. Browse for books to read.

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