how to delete the hard drive of a computer

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  • How to erase hard disk drive in Windows 10?

  • If your computer is running an older version of Windows, you can try steps in Method 2 to erase hard disk. Step 1 Click Start menu and select Settings option. Step 2 Click Recovery option on the left navigation options and then click Get Started button under Reset this PC section.

  • How do you remove a hard drive without damaging it?

  • The fast way to render a hard drive unusable is to remove the exterior circuit board. Dave Johnson/Business Insider 2. Use a Torx driver to unscrew the circuit board using the four Torx screws. 3. Remove the board, break it in half, and discard it.

  • How to easily erase data from external hard drive or SD card?

  • Step 1 Connect the removable device to your computer and make sure it can be recognized by Windows. Step 2 Install and run DiskGenius from your PC and you can see all local disks and portable devices on the main interface. Step 3 Select the external hard drive or SD card you want to erase data, and select Erase Sectors option under Tools menu.

  • How to delete system drive (C) in Windows 10?

  • The system drive (e.g. Disk C) cannot be deleted. 2. In this procedure, you can also right-tap the manually-created hard drive in the disk info thumbnails and select Delete Volumein the menu. Step 3: Click Yesto confirm deleting this hard drive.

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