how to delete everything on a windows computer

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  • How do I delete everything on my Windows 10 PC?

  • Go to Settings – UPDATE SECURITY – Recovery, click 鈥淕et started鈥?under 鈥淩eset this PC鈥?Then you can see two options in the new page, choose 鈥淩emove everything鈥?/div>Easy Guide to Reset Windows 10 and Remove Everything

  • How to wipe all data from PC?

  • Follow the steps below to learn how to wipe all data from PC. #1. Delete Everything of Your Computer with Windows Built-In Feature A factory reset restores your settings and drivers to default values. All your applications, files will be deleted. You can choose to keep your personal files or delete all your personal files, apps and settings.

  • How do I delete all data from my hard drive?

  • Turn the Data Erasure toggle switch to on. Click Confirm. A prompt will appear that says, 鈥淩emove files and clean the drive. This may take hours, but will make it harder to recover files.鈥?Click Next. Click the Reset button. This will remove all personal files and user accounts on the PC, any changes made to settings, and all apps and games.

  • How to delete everything on Windows 7 without CD?

  • How to delete everything on Windows 7 without CD, including the Windows operating system and personal files? Although Windows doesn’t provide a feature for wiping data, you can erase all Windows laptop and PC data with a third-party tool, like EaseUS Partition Master.

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