how to copy outlook contacts from one computer to another

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  • How do I import contacts from Outlook to another computer?

  • Open Outlook on the computer that contains the contacts. Click on File in the menu bar. Select Import and Export. Choose Export to a file. Click Next. Select Personal Folder File (.pst). Click Next. Select the Contacts folder.

  • How do I copy a contact from one folder to another?

  • Highlight the contact you want to copy. 2. Hold down the CTRL key. 3. Drag the item to the desired destination folder. 1. Highlight the first contact in the sequence. 2. Hold down the Shift key. 3. Highlight the last contact in the sequence. 4. Release the Shift key and hold down the CTRL key.

  • How do I save contacts to a folder in outlook?

  • Read how to import contacts to Microsoft Outlook here. Click File 鈫?Import and Export 鈫?Export to a file 鈫?Next. Find and select 鈥淐omma Separated Values鈥?鈫?Next. In Contacts 鈫?Include subfolders 鈫?Next. Browse 鈫?Pick a disk and a folder you鈥檇 like to save it to (or just save it to the desktop.)

  • How do I backup my contacts to my computer?

  • Click Browse under Save Exported File As and select a directory where you’ll save your contacts. Choose an easy-to-remember location such as your desktop, your Documents folder or another customer folder. Enter a name for your backed-up contacts, such as Contacts Backup or Contacts Transfer..

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