how to clean junk off your computer

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Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your computer. Click System Cleanup and click the Scan button to go on.When the scan completes,junk files will be listed. Selected the unwanted files. …Click the Clean up button and confirm the cleanup operation. You can regularly use this function to free up disk space.

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  • How to remove junk files from Windows PC?

  • In the taskbar, search Disc Clean Up and select it from the list of results. Go to Clean up system files. Select the file types to remove from your system. To get a description and related to the file type, select it. Select ok to remove. I hope you like my article about Removing junk files from Windows PC.

  • Are junk files slowing down your computer?

  • What is serious is that these junk files will occupy unnecessary space on your drive, which will slow down your computer as time passes. You must wonder how to get rid of system junk files on Windows 10. Now follow the below methods to remove the junk files from the Windows 10 PC in order to improve the running speed and PC performance.

  • How to clean up system files in Windows 10?

  • Click Clean up system filesto clean system files and select the drive you want to clean up. Step 4. Choose files that you want to delete under Files to deleteby checking the boxes next to them and then hit the button of OKto proceed. Step 5. Click Delete Filesto confirm when you are asked Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files.

  • How to delete junk files and free up space?

  • Then, you can follow the effective ways to delete junk files and free up space. Method 1. Empty the Recycle Bin Recycle bin is the place where the deleted files go. When you delete a file, it usually goes to the recycle bin. In fact, the file still occupies space on the hard disk drive. So, you can get rid of those files.

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