how to change youtube name on computer

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How to changeYouTubechannel nameon desktop: 1. Sign into YouTube Studio. 2. From the left menu, choose Customisation then Basic Info. Click Edit, then enter your new channel name.

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  • How do I Change my Channel name on YouTube?

  • 1 Sign into your account and click your user account icon Settings. 2 Click See all my channels or create a new channel. 3 Click Create a new channel. 4 Enter the new name you want for your channel into the given Brand account field and click Create. …

  • How many times can you change the name of your YouTube?

  • New visitors will be able to see the new name of your YouTube channel. Always remember that you can edit the name of your YouTube account for three times in 90 days. So, if you are not so sure of the name, then kindly don鈥檛 change it in a hurry, take your time to decide. How to edit a YouTube channel on the phone?

  • Can two YouTube channels have the same name?

  • Can two YouTube channels have the same name? Well, two different YouTube channels can have the same name but the names cannot have exactly the same characters. For example, if there is a channel named 鈥淪aitama鈥?on YouTube, then you can keep your channel鈥檚 name as 鈥渟aitamA鈥?/div>How To Change YouTube Channel Name On Android, iOS and Wi鈥?/a>

  • How do I Change my YouTube account settings?

  • Head to and sign into your account. Click or tap your user account icon in the top right of the screen and then click Settings from the dropdown menu. Open the app, sign into your account (if you’re not signed in already) and tap our user account icon in the top right of the screen.

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