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  • How do I change the name of my computer in Windows?

  • 1 Press Windows key+S to open Windows Search and search for sysdm.cpl and open the result. That will open the System Properties window. 2 Under the Computer Name tab, click on Change button. 3 In the pop-up that follows, give your computer a new name after deleting the old one. …

  • How to change device name in Windows 10?

  • In the Settings app, go to 鈥淪ystem鈥?and then to 鈥淎bout鈥? This is where you will see basic system details like your processor, Windows activation status, Windows 10 version, etc. Under the Device Specification section, click on the 鈥淩ename this PC鈥?button. 3. The above action will open a prompt.

  • How do I see the current name of my computer?

  • Then, click or tap System, and then choose About, on the left side column. Then, look to the right and scroll until you see your device specifications, and click or tap Rename this PC. A new window opens, and you can see the current PC name.

  • How do I rename my Computer and restart it?

  • Now, you can rename your computer and restart it if required. Press down the key combinations [Windows] key + [Pause] key. Under 鈥淐omputer name, domain and workgroup settings鈥?select the option 鈥淐hange settings鈥? In the window that opens, under 鈥淐omputer Name鈥? select the 鈥淐hange鈥︹€?button to continue.

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