how much does a computer weigh

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1 and 2 pounds

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  • How much does a laptop weigh?

  • The weight of a laptop depends on which category it falls under. Types include Ultrabook and Chromebook, Ultraportable, Thin and Light, Desktop Replacement, Luggables or bulky laptops that are difficult to carry around. The categories range from two pounds up to eight pounds in weight, with the highest being more than 10 lbs.

  • How much does a computer monitor weigh?

  • Computer monitors that have larger screens weigh more than computer monitors with smaller screens. The average weight of a small computer screen is 5.49 pounds (2.4kg). The average weight of an extra-large monitor is 18.98 pounds (8.6kg). The larger a monitor is, the more it will weigh

  • What is the average weight of a gaming desktop?

  • A high end gaming desktop can exceed 50 llbs, but the average desktop weighs between 20-30 llbs. Write your answer… What is the average weight of a PC in Kg?

  • How much does a computer case weigh?

  • A really full steel tower case might go over 25kg but its unlikely. At a rough guess, 18 to 22kg. Re: How much does a computer weigh? Jack GOF.

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