how fast is the human brain compared to a computer

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How fast is your brain compared to a computer? Thus both in terms of spikes and synaptic transmission, the brain can perform at mostabout a thousand basic operations per second, or 10 million times slower than the computer. The computer also has huge advantages over the brain in the precision of basic operations.

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  • How powerful is the human brain compared to a supercomputer?

  • IBM鈥檚 Sequoia supercomputer currently holds the TEPS benchmark record with 2.3 x 10 13 TEPS. Grace and her collaborator, Paul Christiano, a PhD student in theoretical computer science at Cal Berkeley, calculated that the human brain should be at least at least as powerful as Sequoia at the lower end of their TEPS estimates.

  • Can a computer process information better than a human brain?

  • And a computer can process information exponentially faster than a human brain. How about accessing memory? Can a human recall information better than a computer? Well, it depends on what kinds of information we鈥檙e talking about.

  • How much power does a human brain use?

  • A human brain, on the other hand, requires roughly 10 watts. That鈥檚 right, your brain is ten times more energy-efficient than a computer. The brain requires less power than a lightbulb. We may not be the brightest bulbs in the box, but then again, we don鈥檛 have to be.

  • How much does the human brain cost?

  • At the upper end, their max estimate of the human brain鈥檚 capabilities suggest that it鈥檚 30 times as powerful as IBM鈥檚 number cruncher at 6.4 times 1014 TEPS. They鈥檝e pegged the cost of the human brain鈥檚 performance at somewhere between $4,700 and $170,000 per hour in terms of current computer prices for TEPS.

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