how do i upload pictures from my computer to shutterfly

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How to Upload Photos to ShutterflyGo to Then click Sign In in the top right corner.Enter Your Username and Password and Click Sign In.Click on My Pictures. The menu has 6 main options. …Click Upload. Just below the Shutterfly logo in the top left corner is the Upload button. …See More….

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  • How do I upload photos from Google Photos to Shutterfly?

  • Click 鈥淯pload鈥?next to the little cloud icon. At this point, you can choose to browse and upload photos from your computer, Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram. If you鈥檙e uploading pics from Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram, you鈥檒l need to connect these services to Shutterfly by logging into them when prompted.

  • How do I import photos from my computer to Shutterfly?

  • From My Photos ( ), simply click the Upload button in the top right corner to import photos and videos from your computer and social/photo services, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos. What is the best way to import photos and videos from my phone?

  • How do I upload photos from my computer to my album?

  • Click Choose Files and select your photos you want to upload. 2. Create and new album and name it or add the photos to an existing album by using the drop down menu. 3.

  • Why back up your photos with Shutterfly?

  • Best of all, when your photos are backed up with Shutterfly, you can access them from any device anytime when you want to look back on your memories or use them to make prints or create one-of-a-kind personalized gifts. Our image upload service safely stores your photos so they鈥檙e organized and available whenever you need them.

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