how do i download youtube app to my computer

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Open Microsoft Store appon your computer or go to Microsoft Store official website. Search for the YouTube app in Microsoft Store and open the YouTube download page. Click Get button and sign in to your Microsoft account to download YouTube app for free.

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  • How to download YouTube on Windows 10 PC?

  • Yes, you heard right, Microsoft allows you to download YouTube app on your Windows PC. You can directly open the download page and click on the Get button. Follow some simple steps and install YouTube app.

  • How to download YouTube app on your device?

  • You can access the YouTube website in Chrome browser and watch YouTube content directly. If you want to download YouTube app for your device like Windows 11/10 PC, Mac, Android phone or tablet, or iPhone/iPad, check the simple instructions below. Way 1. Install YouTube App from YouTube Website

  • How to download and install YouTube on Mac computer?

  • For Mac users, you can still go to YouTube website and click the Install YouTube icon at the address bar to download and install YouTube app on your Mac computer. Alternatively, you can open App Store on your Mac computer, search for the YouTube app and click Get button to download the app.

  • How to watch YouTube videos on desktop PC?

  • Minitube is one of the best Youtube apps for watching Youtube videos on Desktop. It is available for Windows as well as MacOS and Linux (Debian and Ubuntu). It鈥檚 a very light weight app and runs almost instantly on a Windows PC. It is free to use but without support and automatic updates.

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