how can you protect your computer from malware

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To recap,here鈥檚 how to protect yourself from malware:Always used a trusted antivirus program from a reputable provider.Run scans regularly.Always update your operating systems and software.Use security networks,proxies,and/or VPN鈥檚 whenever possible.Don鈥檛 click on everything you see (a website or email link).Protect your usernames and password as if your financial future depends on it.Know what the latest threats are and how to prevent them.

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  • How to prevent computer viruses and malware?

  • How to Prevent Computer Viruses? Use Antivirus Software; Don鈥檛 Open Emails from Unfamiliar Users; Don鈥檛 Visit Suspect Websites; Strengthen Your Internet Browser Security Settings; Turn on SmartScreen Filter for Microsoft Edge; Pay Attention to Windows SmartScreen Notification on Your PC; Keep Your Windows Up-to-Date; Use a Firewall App

  • How can I protect my computer from cyber attacks?

  • A secure network is not only a first step towards protecting your computers, but will also protect the mobile devices that connect to your home network. 2. Avoid Spam While on the Internet, don鈥檛 open spam of any kind. Remember spam isn鈥檛 just emails in your junk mail.

  • What happens if you don’t protect your computer and data?

  • If you don’t take steps to protect your computer and data, you’re leaving the door wide-open to malware and hackers that will steal your data and take over your computer. While viruses remain one of the most common forms of malware threats, ransomware attacks have spiked in recent years.

  • Which antivirus should I use to protect my computer?

  • You can also use other professional antivirus apps to protect your computer from viruses. For example, you can use Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, and more. However, more is not always better.

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