how can i watch directv on my computer

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Download and install t …Visit the DIRECTV Play …Click the Watch Onlin …Hover your mouse over …Click Watch on Comput …

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  • How do I stream DirecTV on my computer?

  • Stream your DIRECTV favorites almost anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Your channels are just a tap or click away. Just sign in with your user ID and password to get started. Go With DIRECTV, you can watch TV anytime and almost anywhere.

  • How do I watch movies on my DirecTV account?

  • Browse available titles and make your selection. If this is the first attempt to stream, you may be prompted to install the DIRECTV Player. Follow the prompts to complete the download and refresh your browser to start watching.

  • How do I search for content on DirecTV?

  • Click the Search box at the top of your screen to search by keyword. Hover your mouse over the main image for the selected content and click Watch.. Click Watch on Computer or Watch Live and sign in to your DIRECTV online account, if prompted.

  • Why can鈥檛 I watch DirecTV on my computer?

  • Not all DIRECTV content is available for viewing online. If you don鈥檛 see a 鈥淲atch Now鈥?or 鈥淲atch Online鈥?button next to a program, that content can鈥檛 be viewed on your PC. DIRECTV鈥檚 online programming is available for Windows and Mac computers.

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