how can i upload videos to instagram from my computer

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Go to the Dashboard of your Sked Social account and click on the Video/GIF Post tab;From the new dialogue box, click on Browse that will be under the Upload section;Add your caption or description for the video. Moreover, you can schedule the time to upload the video with Sked Social;Otherwise, click on Submit and Create Posts, and the video will be uploaded to your Instagram from PC.That鈥檚 it!See More….

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  • How to post videos on Instagram from PC?

  • Select the video you want to post. Another way of posting Instagram videos from your computer is using the Instagram Creator Studio. In addition to posting videos from your PC, you can also schedule your posts, tag people, add captions, etc.

  • How to upload videos from gramblr to Instagram?

  • Step 1. Open Gramblr; Step 2. Click on the Upload Now section and import the edited video on the interface; Step 3. From there, Gramblr allows you to edit or crop the video; Step 4. Finally, click on Write a Caption and Send tab and upload the video to the linked Instagram account. Part 4. MirrorGo – The Best Way Upload Video to Instagram from PC

  • Is there a web version of Instagram that allows you to upload?

  • However, the web version of Instagram that allows you to upload photos and videos doesn’t exist, but luckily there are platforms that can help you post photos and videos to Instagram directly from your desktop. 1. Grum Planning and scheduling your posts in advance is a great way to carry out your social media advertising campaign.

  • How to upload videos from Android phone to Instagram?

  • There will be an option called 鈥淪hare鈥? When you click the share button, you will see other options like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more depending on which apps you have installed on your smartphone. Select Instagram and the video will be uploaded.

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