how can i show my iphone screen on my computer

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Display iPhone Screen on PC via USBConnect the phone to computer via USB. You need to connect your iPhone with the help of a USB cable to display…Enable the Personal Hotspot of the iPhone.. This procedure will be concluded with the help of Personal Hotspot…Launch Lonely Screen. Following this, you need to turn on the Lonely Screen application on your computer.Mirror your iPhone. You can connect your phone with the application with the help of Airplay.See More….

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  • How to display iPhone screen on PC?

  • Mirror iPhone to the computer via Wi-Fi. Control your iPhone with mouse from a big-screen computer. Take screenshots of the phone and save them on your PC. Never miss your messages. Handle notifications from the PC. How to Display iPhone Screen on PC Easily?

  • How do I screen Mirror my iPhone to my computer?

  • Follow these simple steps to screen-mirror your iPhone on your computer. Step 1: Join the same WiFi network as your iPhone and computer. Step 2: Swipe up the screen to access your Control Center. Step 3: Select AirPlay or Screen Mirroring from the menu. Step 4: From the list, select your computer鈥檚 name.

  • How do I screen share from my PC to my iPhone?

  • Make sure your phone and PC are connected to the same WiFi network. Open LetsView on your phone and tap your PC鈥檚 name on the list. Access Control Center on your iPhone and tap 鈥淪creen Mirroring鈥? Find your device and tap it.

  • How can I record my iPhone screen on my PC?

  • Download and install the application on your PC. Before launching the program, make sure that your iPhone and PC are both connected to the same network. On your iPhone enable 鈥淪creen Recording鈥? Next on your Pc go to 鈥渨鈥?and a code will be shown on the screen.

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