does looking at a computer screen damage your eyes

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Overall it seems that although looking at a computermay not cause permanent eye damage,it can cause some irritating problems,such as eye strain and dry eyes.

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  • Is staring at a computer screen bad for Your Eyes?

  • But it is inevitable that staring at a computer screen will make your eyes really uncomfortable. Even though most of those symptoms will go away after not looking at the screen they can disrupt your productivity levels at work. Looking at a screen for a long period will make your eyes tired and watery.

  • How to take care of your eyes when using a computer?

  • If you can, it is best to take a walk to shift your focus to the computer screen . A computer screen should be 20 to 28 inches away from your face. The top of your screen should be below your eye level and it should be tilted at a 20 angle. In order to reduce the stress on your eyes, you should keep a downward gaze.

  • Can blue light from a computer screen damage your eyes?

  • There have been some researches that have shown that too much exposure to blue light could possibly damage your eyes. There are two things that can happen to your eyes and those are digital eye strain and retina damage. Digital eye strain is caused by the blue light from the screen.

  • What are the causes of computer eyestrain?

  • Glare leads to eye muscle fatigue, for the eyes have to struggle to make out the images on the screen. (2) Another major cause of eyestrain is the position of the computer screen. Naturally, the eyes are positioned so that they look straight ahead and slightly down.

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