can’t see my ssd in my computer

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Sometimes your operating system faces issues and it may be the reason why your new SSD is not showing up on your computer. One of the ways to check if your machine actually recognizes your drive is to use theBIOS menu. You can open the BIOS for your computer and see if it shows your SSD drive. Turn off your computer.

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  • Why can鈥檛 I See my SSD drive in Windows 10?

  • If you cannot see your partitions on SSD drive, it may be hidden. You need to unhide partitions. 6. SSD has driver issues. The driver issue can be one of the reasons for SSD drive not showing up in Windows 10. You can try Hardware and Device Troubleshooter in Windows 10 or you can directly uninstall the driver in Device Manager.

  • Why can’t I see the drive letter of my SSD drive?

  • The drive letter of SSD partition is missing or conflicted. If you can see SSD drive in Device Manager but you cannot see it in Disk Management or Computer, the drive letter may get lost. You are supposed to assign drive letter in Windows 10. 5. SSD partitions are hidden. If you cannot see your partitions on SSD drive, it may be hidden.

  • What to do if SSD is not showing up in Disk Management?

  • If the M.2 SSD is not showing up in disk management, you can update your driver, apply Hardware and Device Troubleshooter and assign a drive letter by this in-depth guide. Fix 1 – Update M.2 SSD Driver Step 1. Press Windows + X and click Device Manager.

  • Why is my SSD not connecting to the computer?

  • Your M.2 SSD is not properly connected to the computer. Causes of Disk Management Problem: Your driver needs to update. Troubleshoot your hard disk. Your drive letter is missing. For the BIOS issue, you can try two ways in this part.

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