can you use tv for computer monitor

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  • How do I use my TV as a monitor with Windows?

  • Which one you use will depend upon your TV and your computer; most use HDMI. Adjust resolution by going to Advanced display info Display adapter properties for Display X List all Select your TV’s resolution OK. This article covers how to use your TV as a monitor with a Windows computer. It also outlines the pros and cons of doing so.

  • Can you use a TV as a computer monitor in 2019?

  • Using a TV as a computer monitor is a smart choice in 2019, thanks to new TVs boasting major advancements in resolution and input lag. And it鈥檚 especially helpful as powerful new laptops emerge as true PC replacements.

  • What are the advantages of a TV as a monitor?

  • The screen is larger, so many more people can view it at a time. If you have a wireless keyboard, you can leave the computer somewhere else and use the TV as the main monitor. If your computer can extend screens, then it can also be used to extend the size of your computer monitor. Laptop users can use the TV to sustain a charge.

  • Should I buy an HDTV or a PC monitor?

  • Learning to play most PC games with a controller and only keeping the keyboard and mouse around for occasional use is a good approach. One nice benefit of HDTVs is that they almost universally have much better speakers than computer monitors.

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