can you use lysol wipes on computer screens

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  • Is it safe to use Lysol wipes to clean your MacBook?

  • Apple’s website states that Lysol Wipes are safe for disinfecting and cleaning MacBooks. Before using the wipe, unplug your computer from the wall or from your power strip and remove the batteries from your laptop and peripherals, if necessary. CNET supports using Lysol Wipes, as does NASA’s Information Technology Communication Division.

  • How do you clean a gaming console with Lysol wipes?

  • For game consoles, use a vacuum to remove all dust and wipe down surfaces with a Lysol Disinfecting Wipe. 2. For remotes, disconnect or remove batteries. Use a dry cloth to remove all dust and swab the entire surface with a Lysol Disinfecting Wipe.

  • Can you use disinfectant wipes on computer screens?

  • As their name suggests, disinfectant wipes give you the best possibility of taking out the germs in your computer monitor. That鈥檚 why most people are asking, 鈥淐an you use disinfectant wipes on computer screens?鈥?/div>Can You Use Disinfectant Wipes On Computer Screen

  • How do I clean or disinfect my laptop?

  • To clean or disinfect your laptop, first use the Lysol Wipe to wipe the area, then use a damp microfiber cloth over the area and then dry with a dry microfiber cloth.

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